TV New

Witness the birth of TV NEW, a brand new Malayalam television channel, a brain child of Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) .The Game Changers at TV NEW.

The Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) is an organization which supports trade , industry and private investment in the state of Kerala & affiliated to FICCI. It has members from across the state .

KCCI and India Middle East Broadcasting Network a group of eminent broadcast journalists from South India have come together to realize their pet project, TV NEW— a one-of-its-kind satellite television channel in Malayalam for news and current affairs mainly focusing on business, knowledge and economical development of state.

For the first time in the Malayalam television industry, a channel will dare to straight talk to the masses in a candid and engaging style. KCCI and India Middle East Broadcasting Network have converged with the aim to support the business community, investors and the public sector in its totality, by establishing TV NEW.

At every stage, TV NEW is blessed to have experts at work—some of the best and most experienced professionals from the media industry have put their heads together for the channel’s take off and running. From planning and strategizing to creative and technical aspects, the TV NEW team has experts from India and abroad, working to create an exceptional television viewing experience.

The Future—brilliant, indeed.

NOW or never! That is modern television for you.

TV NEW is a channel dedicated to create a vibrant economy, a healthy environment, a modern value system and a new age social order. For our team,

TV NEW is not just a visual product. It is a philosophy. With this unique television channel, we aim to initiate the process of transforming the lives and life-styles of Keralites.

We are absolutely progressive, aggressively positive, and growth and development oriented, with a global perspective. Our ambition is to capture and broadcast what is ‘now’, because what is on the screen right now is what earns value, makes business sense and influences people. We recognize this spirit of being ‘live’ and ‘now’ in television, be it programming or selling.

A round-the-clock presence and the advantage of state-of-the-art technology makes us a modern and forward-thinking television channel that can be accessed anytime, anywhere—be it via smart phones, tablets, laptops or any other tech gadget. The experience of HD technology with Dolby sound track, well connected high-end news rooms and 360-degree studio, and outstanding screen layout, graphics, image and fonts.

TV NEW is a unique channel concept, blended with professional media experts and eminent business organisations. It will be a trendsetter in the South Indian television industry. The project is scheduled to go on air within a record breaking time schedule. Kerala’s television industry is ready for a new player

—a game changer—who will do new things and will perform in a daringly different manner.

Come, be a part of this exciting new business venture. With TV NEW, the future will indeed be brilliant.

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